Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mind The Dog!

Just a quick update
Paul has been a busy boy these past few months
and he hasn't found time to put on a new blog.
So while he's not looking
 it's half term next week and I'm trying
to get some more football practice in .

So if you want to have a kick about with Me next week
pop down to the workshop
and we will get your picture with me on the blog
and see if he notices.
As You can see I'm raring to go.


  1. Dear Cadbury

    Just found your blog, and could you tell he that feeds you that he is just the chap to make me a pancheon. My mother told me that my grandma used a pancheon to make bread in, and ever since I wanted to have one! Tell him to check for messages. Good Boy!

  2. Hi Cadbury, Hope you are well these days and staying cool. Looks as if your human is making lots of pottery. I hope you will have a new blog post soon. I'd like to hear what you're up to. Hugs.