Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Bee's Knees

 After a miserable start to the day with rain and drizzle
later on in the afternoon the sun came out and we went for a walk around the grounds
here at Barrington Court.
I read this sign and decided to turn around.
I'm not going in there!

But Paul the potter decided it would make for an interesting walk.

Oh what a surprise Bee Hives!

and what do Bee's do if you stick your nose on the door to the Hive.

Yep, They sting you.
 right on the hooter!
and on the back 
But after a good roll around I soon felt better.
I don't know how Winne the Phoo did it.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Having Friends around for Tea and Napps.

This is my old friend Archie, He came around to spend a day at the workshop
with me a few days ago.
Archie is Twelve Year Old.
as you can see I was unsure what to do with him at first.

But Archie is an old hand at this sort of thing and we soon got down to some serious napping.

Although Archie did love all of the attention he got from the customers.
while I was happy to let him
take the Lead.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Cute Dog Picture

As promised here is the cute picture of me when I was only a little chap
Marion was gardening outside the front garden
and I wanted to see what she was doing.
I'm not sure I would fit now!
And this Picture shows my very first Friend Skye.
She was Paul's dog that they had before they got me.
she was a rescue dog with Issues, but looked after me like a mum.
Six months on and she got a tumour in her throat and she was no more.
This was my other little friend
who used to visit our bird feeder.
It was great fun chasing after him, but we haven't seen him for some time now.
I didn't eat him honest!
and this was me and my mum collecting Holly for the Christmas decorations
a few years ago.
I Love it when we go out looking for the decorations
we walk for hours and I get to sniff all sorts of stuff

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

He's Having a clean up.

Paul has been having a big spring clean in the workshop
In August ?
I don't understand these potters.
anyway I decided the best possible move was to sit out side and let him get on with it.
I would have helped , But you know how it is..
That's the cleanest I've seen his clay prep area since he moved in!
All that dust doesn't do my fur any good
so I went outside for a good scratch around on the grass.
when he had finished we went for a nice long walk down the lanes
and I spotted these rather delicious berries.
unfortunately there were to high up for me.

I found a rather cute picture of me looking under the fence when I was a puppy
so I'll post that one up next time.

see you at the workshop soon.