Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I'm Back....

Hello to all of my followers
It's been a busy time over the summer months.
The football season has started and the transfer window is now closed.
I turned down an offer from Man City
after finding out they are now so rich and posh
the food at the match is now creme brulee.
So I'm sticking with Bristol Rovers where you get Pasties!
So what Have I been doing I hear you ask?
I've been looking after my mates Koby & Archie.
and Laura, Nicola & Sarah
have been taking me to the pub. 
We also had a nice time at the 20/20 cricket match 
 It's a bit frustrating because I keep wanting to chase the ball 
and we had a visit from a potter from America
Nancy Gallagher

of course naturally she wanted to
 have her picture taken with me.
and as usual Paul got in on the shot.