Friday, 4 March 2011

A Walk in the Park

Is this my first blog of the Year ?
I loose track these days,
and so does My Dad. I could tell it was going to be
 cold out today because I saw him putting his long Jon's on.
I wanted to take the short cut back to the workshop
through this gate. 
But he walked straight past it. 
They are cutting more trees down at the court
soon there will be no public conveniences left for me to use. 
They I spotted a Squirrel. 
where has he gone ?
I know he was here I can smell him.! 
where did he go ? 
I've lost another one.
can you see how cold it was.

Hang on a minuet whats that over there? 
More trees have gone.

And Look!
Little Lambs - Spring is in the air.
But I do wish it would hurry up and warm up.